ProCloud is a fantastic service composed of leading web technologies:

- Umbraco (CMS)
- NopCommerce (Ecommerce system)
- Windows Azure (Hosting)
- Proprietary components and software developed by NoSunset

It offers great opportunities to quickly get started with the site you are dreaming about. There are a great number of extensions for each of these technologies. A lot of the extensions are free, others are commercial, but quite reasonable in price generally.

Below are a number of highlighted extensions for the key ProCloud technologies.



Windows Azure

Powerful extensions:
Easy to edit forms
Workflow management
CMS import (Migration)
Design themes and templates
Html5 Video
Powerful extensions:
Search engine optimization
Design themes and templates
Dynamics NAV integration
Payment gateways worldwide
Banner management 
Powerful extensions:
Data market place
NemID integration (Denmark)
Dynamics CRM integration

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Umbraco Packages

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See more here:

It can be hugely inspirational to skim through the many extensions available. Often they are introduced into the market by visionary customer inquiries, and developers who just want to make the best software in the world.