Customer Service

You can create a ticket by sending an email directly to our support.

FreeClouds support is ticket-based, so both the customer and supporter maintains an overview. We strive to treat all tickets as quickly as possible and resolve them by relevance. Business critical issues will naturally come before cosmetic defects.

In case of more complex support tasks that are difficult to describe, it is recommended to download the application Jing makes it easy to display a given fault - it is both free and easy to use and saves both supporter and customer confusion. With Jing you record a tiny video that shows the problem, and you decide how much of your screen to be seen - it's easier than it sounds.

If the error is on our side, we must obviously solve it. But if it's an issue beyond our scope, or deals with the support of specialized development after our 14 day guarantee period, then you can choose either to ask for an estimate or in advance to ask us solve the problem up to a certain number of hours.